Bouygues Telecom, IJENKO and IS2T demonstrate Fifth PlaySmart Grid Ready services embedded in the Bbox Sensation

Paris, France, June 4, 2013

At the Smart Grid Paris 2013 Show, Bouygues Telecom demonstrates a new « Fifth Play » service on the Bbox Sensation. Based on both IJENKO platform in the cloud as well as the IS2T platform in the Bbox ISP gateway, it expands the already rich Bbox Sensation universe by making the connected home a truly smarter home.

In addition to providing the already best-in-class ISP services, TV and entertainment, Internet access and VoIP, the Bbox Sensation will enable a new world of smart home services, starting with  energy management and home protection developed on IJENKO’s ENGAGE platform.

This “Smart Grid Ready” Fifth Play service does not require any additional residential gateway as the IS2T MicroEJ platform is already embedded in the Bbox Sensation. This approach reduces the entry cost of these services and opens up the way for Bouygues Telecom to distribute and manage third party applications directly from its ISP gateway.

This demonstration transforms the Bouygues Telecom Internet Access Router into the heart of future connected homes, where a variety of managed services can be offered to residential consumers on a mutualized home infrastructure. IS2T MicroEJ technology enables the Bbox gateway to control, locally, remotely and safely a variety of open standards sensors and actuators for multiple applications.

Yves Caseau, Senior VP Technology, Innovation & Services at Bouygues Telecom says: “the integration of third party services like IJENKO’s energy management into our Bbox Sensation service platform is a vital part of our innovation strategy. Only by allowing our partners to easily deploy their software, thus delivering their services seamlessly into the connected home, Bouygues Telecom will we be able to strengthen the value of its global service offering. IS2T’s technology contribution allowed us to integrate a great customer experience in a robust approach and in a record time frame.”

« This European first “SG Ready” Fifth Play is clearly the demonstration that the telco industry can be an enabler of smart grid and connected home services from their Internet Access gateway, for the benefits of both Utilities and residential consumers, thanks to open platforms like IJENKO’s ‘ added Serge Subiron, CEO of IJENKO « This vision, now a reality, of an Internet Smart Grid facilitates the massive and economic spread of energy demand management programs and contributes to build value for all stakeholders.”

Fred Rivard, PhD, CEO of IS2T, continues: “Bouygues Telecom has the network and the customers that are willing to benefit from new services. IS2T has the MicroEJ technology to deploy such services securely on the Bbox, and IJENKO has the value added first services. We are pleased to contribute to the increasingly growing Internet of Things market, with platforms that make the creation of large serviced based eco-systems an economic reality.”

The demonstration is displayed on IJENKO booth (B2) at Smart Grids Paris – La Defense (4-6 June).

Press Contacts:

BOUYGUES TELECOM: Emmanuelle Boudgourd –   +33 1 58 17 98 29

IJENKO:  Arnaud Versaveaud +33 1 77 49 46 38

IS2T: Marie Laure PESSIN +33 2 40 18 04 96