Emertec Gestion and Bpifrance make an investment of € 2.6 million in the company IJENKO


Emertec Gestion (via the Emertec 4 Fund) and Bpifrance (via the Ecotechnologies Fund, managed on behalf of the State as part of the actions of the Investments for the Future Program entrusted to ADEME) are investing 2.6 million euros in the company IJENKO, a European service platform for the management of residential energy and connected homes. Emertec Gestion thus joins the historical shareholders of the company which are iSource, Bpifrance, Direct Energie and Bouygues Telecom Initiatives.

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IJENKO, founded in 2008, brings an innovative collaborative vision of the active management of residential energy demand. It offers a benchmark platform for energy efficiency, demand control and connected housing services to its customers, energy suppliers, telecom operators, industrial groups and stakeholders in the sustainable city. It continues to develop products and services in France and internationally, thanks to the various projects carried out in 2013 with Toshiba, Direct Energie, Bouygues and other players in the European market. The SME is actively preparing for the emergence of territorial energy management and residential consumption management solutions to use it as a flexibility asset.

“The investment made by Bpifrance, via the Ecotechnologies Fund, and by Emertec Gestion shows the confidence of these two major private equity players in IJENKO’s strategy and the execution capacity of our team on the“ Smart energy ”markets. “And” Smart home “. It provides us with the necessary resources for the European development of the company, which has been accelerating since the start of 2013. This raised allows us to strengthen the power of our residential energy and connected housing services platform on smart heating management, “demand response” linked to smart metering, and territorial energy management, serving the major manufacturers in the sector ”comments Serge Subiron, co-founder and CEO of IJENKO.

Investment for the future