Hack4France: the 10 selected startups

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Hack4France is the first online innovation challenge dedicated to French startups. It was co-created by the startup Studyka (online student challenges platform) and Epitech (School of innovation and IT expertise). This hackathon brings together the best of the French ecosystem: the most successful startups, developers and key accounts. It is innovative in its design because it takes place online and over 4 months.

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The first step, the startup competition, took place from February 24 to April 6. The 10 most attractive startups have been selected, and their APIs will serve as a working basis for the next step. The 10 selected startups are as follows:

  • ALGOLIA, research API
  • CITIZEN DATA, Big Data
  • JACCEDE, accessibility data
  • MENTION, media watch
  • NETATMO, connected objects
  • SCULPTEO, 3D printing
  • SKETCHFAB, online 3D content
  • THECALLR, voice integration
  • TILKEE, tracking
  • UBUDU, connected objects

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Currently, the second stage is taking place, the Hackathon itself, aimed at thousands of developers. Interested developers create their team online, choose at least 2 APIs, mix them. They have 6 weeks to create an application as a team. The 10 most innovative applications will participate in the final.

The next step will be the awards ceremony in 2 highlights, on June 19 and July 8. The 10 finalists will pitch. The 5 best projects will be rewarded by the partners (major accounts, media, schools).


The Studyka startup is a member of the BT Initiatives Program.

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