A week immersed in Silicon Valley for the winners of the 2014 Bouygues Telecom Startup Challenge

Travel Wifi, Jamjitsu and Dynseo are the 3 winning startups of the 2014 Bouygues Telecom Startup Challenge. From April 27 to May 3, 2015, they were able to discover Silicon Valley thanks to a program specially organized for them by the Winnovation team, the Bouygues Group’s innovation branch in Silicon Valley.

In a week, they were able to have an overview of the players in Silicon Valley : startups, investors, marketing guru, and also French players who help French startups get established there.

  • San Francisco to start, and the guided tour of the hyper design premises of Twitch, a startup in the world of video games, launched in 2011, bought by Amazon for $ 970 million in August 2014. Young, relaxed and studious atmosphere. Startups pamper their employees: free self-service drinks and food and a massage room are classics!
  • The French are doing well in sunny California, as is the case with Edouard Tabet, a serial entrepreneur whose latest ROVE startup has just been bought out. Open and attentive, he interacts with the 3 startups and shares his experience: full of valuable advice.
  • Silicon Valley also includes its investors – its Venture Capitalists – who finance, advise and help startups take off. Very accustomed to hearing startups make their pitch, meeting one of them is an opportunity to train and get expert feedback. “Do one thing, but do it brilliantly. Rather than scattering around and coming up with several things that are just okay, ”suggests Bill Reichert – Managing Director of Garage Technology Venture.
  • BPI USA has just opened a branch to help French startups finance their international development. Its director, Romain Serman, explains the operation and the interest in companies; he also describes to them Silicon Valley, which he knows well for having been the French consul in San Francisco for 4 years.
  • The French Tech Hub also has its branch in San Francisco where they host and help new startups looking for the American West. A key French player who is increasingly well known and recognized after having succeeded in making France the leading European exhibitor at CES 2015 in Las Vegas last January. Marketing for the US market is different from that which works in Europe, explains the representative of the French Tech Hub.
  • It will be with Christophe Goudy, head of the Hotwire agency in San Francisco, that startups will be able to discuss this famous American-style marketing and thus glean advice.

Travel Wifi, Jamjitsu and Dynseo at Twitch in San Francisco

After this trip, the 3 startups returned home full of energy and memories:

JamJitsu: “Enthusiastic, the word is weak :-) This trip was a very enriching experience. Unforgettable. “ “It was amazing spending a week in Silicon Valley, ‘where it all begins’. We get the impression that this is a large-scale lab, where anything is possible, where failure is not sanctioned and where budgets are almost unlimited. It makes you want to settle there, that’s for sure, especially when you’re a developer :-) ”

Travel Wifi: “It’s simple, we just loved our time in California. “

Dynseo: “It gave us wings! »« It was great thank you again …! “

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