Presentation of the IE-Club, an association serving startups

IE Club

The IE-Club is the privileged place for innovative SMEs to meet with other major players in the innovation ecosystem: investors, large groups, public bodies and research centers.

IE Club 2

Its action is based on three key ideas:

  • For improve the efficiency of the innovation ecosystem, we need dynamic and strong innovative SMEs.
  • For strengthen innovative SMEs, it is necessary to strengthen their relations with the other actors of the ecosystem.
  • For to make things progress, you have to show what works.

The approach is resolutely pragmatic. The IE-Club carefully observes the relationships between Innovative SMEs and other major players in their ecosystem. Then he selects the actions that create the most value. Finally, it disseminates these good practices through targeted communication operations aimed at bringing together the parties concerned.

To watch the video of President Bernard Haurie: Interview with the President
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