Sensing Labs, smart sensors for energy efficiency

Sensing Labs sensors at the service of the energy transition

Specializing in energy efficiency, Sensing Labs designs long-range, low-consumption communicating sensors dedicated to metering water, energy and thermal variables (temperature and humidity). Integrating the Lora technology carried by Objenious, these sensors make it possible to collect a large amount of data in real time which is then returned to customers. Sensing Labs is aimed at the Smart Building (facility management companies) and Smart Metering (consumption monitoring operators) markets.

Sensing Labs aims to make data as accessible as possible and to generalize consumption control, thus responding to the new challenges of smart buildings and the Smart City.

The partnership with Objenious

Objenious, a Bouygues Telecom subsidiary dedicated to connected objects, is a partner of Sensing Labs. By relying on the Lora network, with 4,000 branches, it offers national coverage. This partnership allows Sensing Labs to offer its customers an offer integrating LoRa connectivity and at the same time Objenious to integrate Sensing Labs sensors into its solutions. We are delighted with this collaboration with Objenious which puts the IOT within everyone’s reach. We were won over by the network coverage as well as the low connection costs which allow us to improve the performance of our offers ” explains Yann Guiomar, founder of Sensing Labs.





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