Apitalent opens the doors to inter-company mobility

Bouygues Telecom Initiatives is pleased to include the startup APITALENT in its Co-development Program. APITALENT is sponsored by the Human Resources Department of Bouygues Telecom.

APITALENT is the first collaborative platform that brings flexi-security to the labor market. A true social innovation, it makes it possible to develop and secure journeys through inter-company mobility.

Two types of mobility are possible:

  • Temporary mobility allows employees to develop their skills and employability through new experiences in other companies, while keeping their initial CDI.
  • Final-purpose mobility secures the transfer from one company to another by offering the employee a return guarantee during the trial period of their new CDI.

Apitalent logo base line VF

The benefits of this solution are multiple:

  • The host company can recruit talents hidden from the market and limit the risks in hiring.
  • The original company can adapt its resources to variations in activity, enhance its employer brand and support the development of its employees.

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