The R’LIB startup joins the Bouygues Telecom Initiatives program

The startup R’LIB has just joined the Startups Program of BT Initiatives. A co-development contract has been signed between the two parties.

Renaud Trnka (BT Initiatives) and Joël Gaget (R'LIB)

Renaud Trnka (BT Initiatives) and Joël Gaget (R’LIB)

R’LIB offers a mobile tele-assistance solution for seniors and their families. The service operates inside and outside the home. This allows for better autonomy and greater freedom of movement.


The purpose of the co-development is to carry out a pilot with the Club Bouygues Telecom Network. The R’LIB Serenity offer is offered in certain Bouygues Telecom Clubs. This pilot started on May 5 and will run until July 7.


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