SecurKeys is the pioneer of “guardian angel” assistance, inventor of the anonymous custody service and delivery of duplicate keys in 1 hour 24/7 throughout France.

“Our job is to keep objects of great importance for users safe and to bring them back urgently when they need it, day or night (365 days a year), within the record time of 1 hour everywhere in France. To do this, we have federated a network of 150 approved childcare centers (employing more than 1,500 approved security agents) and developed our digital platform making it possible to manage millions of deposits of objects and their emergency secure repatriation everywhere in France and in France. Europe. Our SECURKEYS service (anonymous guarding and express delivery of duplicate housing and / or vehicle keys) is the first brick of our strategy, soon followed by SECURTELECOM and SECURBOX services intended for customers in the telecoms and banking sectors, ‘assurance… ”announces Pascal Métivier, CEO and co-founder.

SecurKeys services are distributed in B2B2C, thus allowing major brands to provide or offer innovative, useful and loyal phygital services to their customers. SecurKeys counts among its clients major players in insurance, energy, real estate (promotion / rental management / transaction), automotive, DIY, manufacturers of doors and locks, remote monitoring. ‘alarms etc.

Testing of the solution in 2020

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