Visibrain, the Twitter analytics platform, appeals to BTI and 3T Capital

Visibrain is a French company specializing in the processing of Twitter data.

The technology developed by Visibrain allows companies and institutions to know in real time the trends and reactions on Twitter.

In order to consolidate its presence in France, Visibrain has just finalized a first round of fundraising with Bouygues Telecom Initiatives and 3T Capital.

This lifting will allow Visibrain to strengthen its presence on the French market and to continue its efforts in Research & Development.

Today we have several proprietary technological bricks that make the difference for our customers, including in the face of American players. This fundraising will allow us to accelerate our commercial development, while continuing to support our technical efforts and keep this lead. »Specifies Nicolas Huguenin, president of Visibrain.

“Visibrain offers a relevant twitter approach, in line with Bouygues Telecom’s digital strategy. It is the simplest and richest tool that we have found to follow our e-reputation on twitter ”, Tanguy Moillard, Social Web Manager at Bouygues Telecom and project sponsor on behalf of Bouygues Telecom Initiatives

Gilles Debuchy, Managing Partner of 3T Capital underlines:
Visibrain is becoming a benchmark in Twitter analysis solutions available on the market. This young company has quickly gained the trust of important customers thanks to the efficiency of its platform. It has all the potential to quickly position itself as one of the recognized leaders on the European market.